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A Letter From Nichelle Ortiz

My name is Nichelle Hernández Ortiz and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Aurora Public Schools Board of Education. As an APS parent, school volunteer, community member and proud Latina, I would be honored to represent and serve our beautifully diverse and dynamic community. It is crucial that we have representation on the APS School Board that reflects the experiences of a majority of APS students. 

I am a Colorado native and chose Aurora to raise our family for the last 15 years. My 3 boys, ages 8, 13 and 23 have attended Elkhart Elementary, Vanguard Classical School and Vista PEAK; in which I have served as a parent volunteer for the last 10 years. Those classroom experiences combined with our family’s own journey navigating through educational decisions and transitions have taught me that when given opportunity and resources, parents can and will be involved in their student’s education. I whole-heartedly believe that through parent engagement, school accountability and transparency, community partnerships and our shared priority to engage and empower APS youth, student achievement and growth in our district will continue to improve. 

My personal educational experiences would also provide a unique and valuable perspective on the Board of Education. As a teen mom and the first in my family to go to college, the biggest challenge I had to overcome was not being college ready. We must continue to equip students with the tools and support they need to be college and career ready when they graduate from APS. We all have big dreams for all of our students. I am seeking your support to advocate for our students and community. I would also love to hear some of your concerns and ideas. I welcome your input and believe that our unique voices and diversity are strengths in APS. Please contact me at [email protected] 

Una Carta Sobre Nichelle Ortiz

Mi nombre es Nichelle Hernández Ortiz y me complace anunciar mi candidatura para el Consejo Directivo de Educación del Distrito de las Escuelas Públicas de Aurora. Para mí, sería un honor representar y servir a nuestra bella, diversa y dinámica comunidad, ya que aporto una perspectiva diferente y muy necesaria: soy madre de familia y he sido voluntaria en las escuelas y soy miembro activa de esta comunidad. Es fundamental contar con representación latina en el Consejo para hacer eco a las experiencias de la mayoría de nuestros estudiantes.

Colorado es mi estado natal y elegí la ciudad de Aurora, donde he vivido los últimos 15 años de mi vida, para formar una familia. Tengo tres hijos de 8, 13 y 23 años de edad que han asistido a escuelas del distrito escolar, Elkhart Elementary, Vanguard Classical School y Vista PEAK, donde he servido como madre voluntaria en los últimos 10 años. Estas experiencias en los salones de clases, combinadas con las experiencias que como familia hemos vivido al navegar las transiciones y decisiones educativas me han enseñado que cuando a los padres de familia se les da la oportunidad y los recursos nos involucramos más en la educación de nuestros hijos. Creo de todo corazón que el rendimiento estudiantil y el crecimiento en nuestro distrito seguirán mejorando a través de la participación de los padres, la responsabilidad y la transparencia de las escuelas, las alianzas comunitarias y nuestra prioridad compartida de involucrar y empoderar a los jóvenes de APS.

Mis experiencias educativas personales también proporcionarían una perspectiva única y valiosa en el Consejo Directivo de Educación del Distrito de las Escuelas Públicas de Aurora. El mayor desafío que tuve que superar fue no estar preparada para la universidad, ya que fui madre adolescente y la primera en mi familia en ir a la universidad. Debemos continuar equipando a los estudiantes con las herramientas y el apoyo que necesitan para estar preparados para la universidad y la carrera profesional cuando se gradúen de APS. Todos tenemos grandes sueños para nuestros hijos y es por eso que busco su apoyo para abogar por nuestros estudiantes y la comunidad. 

Me encantaría escuchar sus ideas, así como sus preocupaciones. Creo que unas de las grandes fortalezas de APS son nuestras perspectivas únicas y nuestra diversidad. Pueden contactarme a través de mi correo electrónico: [email protected]


“Every student deserves access to equitable resources that empower their success in school, and beyond.”

– Nichelle Ortiz

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“As a teacher, I appreciate Nichelle’s sincere dedication to understanding the education system and her genuine interest in teachers, the challenges they face and their ideas on how to better meet the needs of teachers, which in turn will better meet the needs of the student population served within Aurora Public Schools.”
– Kendra Gilmour 
Masters in Early childhood Special Education


“I am honored to endorse Nichelle Ortiz for a seat on the Aurora Public School Board. Nichelle demonstrates the aptitude to think critically and thoughtfully reflect. This enables her to consistently provide unique and fresh perspectives to share. She also has a profound ability connect with the community in which she lives and works. She is sure to be a valuable asset to the board!”

– Joanna Coleman, MA in Educational Psychology; Teacher/Coach/Public Health Educator


“I support Nichelle for the APS Board of Education because she is a committed, engaged parent who truly understands the struggles and needs of children and families in the APS school district.  Nichelle is an incredibly authentic, caring, passionate and energetic person and will serve the Aurora community well.”

Dr. Jini Puma
Mother/Professor/Program Director

“As a mom and an educator, I support Nichelle Hernandez for Aurora Public School Board. I know that Nichelle will bring the right balance of care and accountability to the district that ensures our young people get the best education – education that will prepare them for their present and their future. I believe in Nichelle and I know that her experience will  enable ALL of Aurora’s youth to succeed.”

Alison Macklin Parent/Author

“It is my pleasure to endorse Nichelle Ortiz for Aurora school board member. As a fellow mother of a Latina child in the Aurora Public Schools, I believe the district could benefit greatly from her representation. Her dedication to the education of children shows in her personal and work life.”
– Misty Riedlinger APS Parent


“I only met Nichelle this summer when I started working at the RMPRC at Anschutz Medical Campus; however, based on what I see every day, I feel that I can honestly say that she is not only a proud resident of Aurora, but she also tries her best in doing what she can to improve our community. Our work at Anschutz, is very demanding yet very satisfying because we get to interact with the community, and she does a great job. She seems to understand the community needs and is willing to do the work that it takes to help us get to the next level.”

– Miriam Kellerman, Aurora Resident/Public Health Educator

Nichelle Ortiz represents the future of the APS School Board.  She will bring with her the voice of a mother of three APS students, her experiences as a long-time school volunteer, and her proud Latina heritage that is reflective of our great community.  My conversations with Nichelle have shown me that she’s well prepared to work with the community and help lead the district. I know her every action will be done while keeping the best interests of students in mind.  She is the change agent the district needs on the Board and she will receive my vote in November!

– Dan Jorgensen, PhD, APS Board Member 2011-2019, Past Vice-Chair

“I am proud to support Nichelle Ortiz for Aurora Public Schools Board of Education. After serving four years on the board, I am excited to see another dedicated mom step into the role. Nichelle will challenge the district to continue to grow and strive to create attainable opportunities for all of our students.”

– Monica Colbert, Aurora Public Schools Board of Education

“Nichelle will put kids first! Her free time and occupation are dedicated to helping children be successful.”

– Kathy Leedom, Veteran Classroom Educator

“I support Nichelle for the APS School Board because not only is she one of the most caring, compassionate, and empathetic people I have had the pleasure of meeting, but she is also bi-cultural, celebrates diversity, and can be the voice for families that may not know how to make their voices heard.”

– Blake Macklin – MA in Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education; Father/Teacher/Coach


“Nichelle es una mujer trabajadora que busca el bienestar de su comunidad. Su prioridad es mejorar la calidad de la educación en Aurora haciendo que la voz de los padres de familia sea escuchada.”

– Brenda Mendoza-Ortega
Aurora Resident/Hinkley High School Alumni/Health Educator

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